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Will Ford: Writer, Poetry & Spoken Word Performer, Film Maker, Event MC and Organiser...



DON'T CALL ME BOB is the result of a collaboration between Will Ford and Jenny Howell. Jenny's pictures of the area surrounding the new Cardiff BBC building construction site led to a poem by will. Don't Call Me Bob inspired further pictures by Jenny and the words and pictures interact in this inexpensive little booklet, an art exhibition you can hold in your hand!

THE WRITE TIME  is a 'zine for poetry, prose and photography edited and published by South Wales poet Lucie Jones
Arriving approximately every two months it contains words and images by emerging creatives from Cardiff and elsewhere. Will Ford has pieces in both the two available issues, in both word and photograph form. it can be purchased HERE



Without taking himself too seriously, Cardiff based Will Ford is very serious about satirising modern and timeless truths about us as people. He has three e-books of stories in poem form (scroll down to see further details and cover art by Will or CLICK HERE)


Some of Will's words have been used as  the verbal focal point of a large permanent art display in the reception area atrium of Hafan y Coed, the new Llandough Adult Mental Health Unit that opened March 17th 2016, WE GROW BETTER TOMORROWS WHEN WE PLANT GOOD SEEDS TODAY


He also took part in (and took photographs of) THE TIN SHED FREE FRINGE EXPERIENCE with CABARET OBSCURA  during, but not an official part of Laugharne Weekend 2016 


Will  is a poetry slam winner and LAST MIC STANDING finalist


He  is also one third of  the DOJO creative collective, and together with Fritz O'Skennick and Adam Foreman appeared as "The Surgeon" in a painfully funny DOJO film screened at Glastonbury 2015. (not for the easily offended, if that's you, maybe try these puppet related DOJO shenanigans with Where's Wilfred or take a look at a puppet band not for profit cover of Hallelujah by Wilfred and the Subordinates?) Or if you prefer things a little more weird and Lynchian, try PIN TWEAKS


A regular host at the Cardiff monthly RARA Open Mic event, Will also organises and hosts poetry feature events under the banner MEGAVERSE  including  MEGAVERSE FOR INTERNATIONAL DYLAN THOMAS DAY 2016


Photo credits for the above slideshow: black and white performance pics by Yvette Robertshaw Photograpy  Indoor colour performance pic by Jane Lewis...Juke performance photo by Paula Hughes...Outdoor colour performance pic by Dave Daggers...Black and white behind the mic shot by Will


DOJO pics by DOJO. 






Will can deliver sets of spoken word to order, tailoring them to suit the occasion. The occasion may, for example, a community event such as those sponsored by Oxfam, a comedy night or a deadly serious and sober examination of the nature of heroism and what was considered cowardice during the First World War. 





An unnamed deserter, sentenced to death during the First World War, attempts to sum up his life and his story in one night via a poem. As he watches a candle burn down, signifying the time he has left to live, everything he has ever believed in starts to melt away too...A story in verse form,  Available on Kindle







Cupid’s Evil Twin is as his name suggests the very opposite of his brother. He wants to break your heart. In this story poem lonely Mary and Johnny are both subjected to the Evil Twin’s mockery and scorn under the light of the moon…Available on Kindle



Will has performed in fields, in tents, in cafes, pubs and clubs and shopping centres, theatre foyers, in the street. Whether as part of a Festival event, Cardiff's Underground scene, at National Theatre Wales associated events, charity nights or local poetry showcases (as perfomer and/or host/MC), Will Ford has an eagerness to surprise and experiment. At The Dylan Thomas Festival in Laugharne 2014 he delighted/massively offended the audience at the Back of The Pub Poetry Club (DT Special) with his slightly irreverent approach to Wales' favourite poet.


Click  to hear Will interviewed by Patrick Widdes for Headstand Radio, an eclectic series of podcasts covering music and poetry. Features several of Will's eclectic range of poems, including an extract from The Coward, Beware Pets that Can Kill You, Snowflakes From Your Eyes and 73.831776% Bullshit 


At very short notice (under an hour) Will made his live first radio appearance on Radio Cardiff, with Cardiff legendary performance (and page) poet Mab Jones. Click to listen to his slightly  in at the deep end participation in discussion of spoken word poetry and related events with Mab and readings from both of the contributors


Will is a firm believer in the idea that a writer should not become known for one thing, one issue or one style if a writer is to retain any capacity at all to take an audience by surprise. His forays into short story writing feature, among other oddities, the power struggle between sex mad alpha male ducks, addiction portrayed as a Helldog begging to be fed, the domestic problems of zombie parents with kids who seem to be growing up good and the wry internal musings of an unfortunate narrator who has been hogtied to a pole by cannibals.


He regularly mirths up audiences with his rap parodies (including Priestly Boys and Elderly Rappers) and students, professionals and basically people who really should know better enjoy his The Booty Song (t'is not about pirates). More recently LoveBot T.O.B.E.V.O.L and 'If Batman Did Open Mic Poetry' have turned up in his live sets


He wonders. And he wants others  to wonder too. 


He also makes low (ie no) budget vids on iPad as one third of DOJO.  Here are our parodies of art film excess...






If you are being kind enough to still be reading why not check out another promo for story verse by Will?


Human Beings (Dickensian Twist) Available on Kindle




On one foggy night in Dickensian London, the lives of a time traveller, a drunken police officer, a mouse, a rat, a cat, a dog a raven and a baying mob comically intersect with each other. The dark shadow of Jack the Ripper looms over the tale as large as he looms over his latest victim…





Will's Story Poems are:


The Coward , Cupid's Evil Twin and Human Beings (Dickensian Twist).



All images by Will unless otherwise stated




Cardiff Team Captain: Will Ford!


International Dylan Thomas Day Poster Design by Gordon Anderson...On the day Dylan's Great Poem was read by clare e potter and Rufus Mufasa
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