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A music video by Dojo starring Fritz O'Skennick as War and Crime, two characters who look radically different from each other, brought to life by two commanding performances from Fritz. Directed, filmed and co-edited by Will Ford



Silent(ish) comedy silliness. Directed, filmed and co-edited by Will. 

A dispute over a £2 coin goes to the Daft Side of the Force...Lightsabers will be swung...by Fritz O'Skennick and Adam Foreman. Featuring, among many other gags, a parody of the use of 'super slow-mo equals cool' in action films. Fritz's character gets so angry at one point that he goes all 'Zack Snyder'. Adam doesn't, and takes the opportunity to have a break from the duel, have something to eat, a coffee, a cigarette, then goes back to the comedy battle.



 The totally NSFW true story told in song of a painful backside with an intro by "David Lynch" Featuring Fritz O'Skennick, Adam Foreman and Will Ford. You'll cringe or laugh, no middle ground here...will be amused and/or offended people at GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL 2015!!! David Lynch impression provided by Will



Dojo goes 'gothic' with a silent(ish) comedy special with touches of the macabre, too intentionally OTT to be too scary. Fritz and Adam thow themselves into their 'Infidel' characters, while the more shy Will took tentative steps from behind the camera for the first time in a 'guest appearance' that doesn't end well for him. At all...



Fearing the onset of Armageddon? Helpful hints in the photo slideshow and Will's HUMOROUSLY DRY voiceover of THE PROBABLY DOOMED INDIVIDUAL'S GUIDE TO THE END OF THE WORLD.



Ever played OPERATION? Ever wondered what a live action version might look like? No? Oh well, we did and this nonsense was the result....



On spoken word nights, unless it is a serious poetry night, Will often delivers his parody of lecherous males 'Going on the Piss' as an acapella song. Here's what Dojo did with it...


From humbler, more primitive times, and more primitive humour impulses, the 'lost' Infidels 1-3. Made on iPhone, unlike the rest which were made on iPad.

Will is one third of Dojo Productions

47 hours a day

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